Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More on Art 500

Super exciting news on ART 500, read on...

The ARTRx group gives West Palm Beach an alternative from the malls and department stores to break the monotony of yearly spending. On Friday December 19th, the first annual ART 500 will take over Clematis for a night of Fine Art exhibition, live music and paint demonstrations, eclectic food and shopping, and the answer to your entire gift giving needs. ART 500 will be the first “Pedestrian Cultural Event” to take place on the west end of Clematis Street. Art 500 will also offer attendees the chance to observe live art demonstrations at the two “Wet Paint” tents. These demos will offer a shorter and more intimate version of the Wet Paint nights that take place every Wednesday at the Lounge. They will include demonstrations of Painting, Silk Screen, Stenciling, Photo Transfers and other mediums. All art produced during their time period will be available for sale at the ART Rx Merchandise Booth following their demonstration. In addition, many local South Florida musicians will be performing live, both inside and outside, throughout the evening. Local independent artists and designers have signed on to create solo booths up and down the 500 block, offering event goers the chance to buy one of a kind art and hand crafted jewelry, clothing and accessories. Local radio station, 103.1 The Buzz will be conducting their annual toy drive for Toys for Tots during the event, and hosting a live auction of a painting by morning show host Randy Razor. Starbucks Coffee Company and the comprehensive AIDS program will also be erecting non-profit booths to raise money for CAP and the (RED) campaign that promotes AIDS research in Africa. More than a block party or art fair, ART 500 promises to be a multifarious event that combines visual arts, live music, food and drink, and solidarity of the businesses on the 500 block of Clematis. It has the power to be an enriching and positive confluence of our West Palm Beach Community, and the artists who work and live within it. ART 500 will transcend the average “Art Walk” and become a premiere cultural event. It will be a substantial aid to the emerging artist community, as well as a step in the right direction to bringing the Arts back to Clematis Street.

More info on the official ART RX site and MYSPACE.

This is a perfect night to come out and support!!!!!!!!