Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1st Post Yippy!

Hi everyone!
Ok, so here goes the first post! So Nani and I are gearing ourselves up for our first show, and we are so excited and Super Nervous!!!
There are so many things that we need to finish, and I feel like I've been chained to my sewing machine lately. Good news is that we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak because we really have gotten a lot done. I hope to get some preview photos of some of the stuff were are going to be selling up here this week. Some are already on the slide show, let me know what you think.
There is also a list of the events where we will be, some new dates and places will be updated as soon as we have them.
We will be debuting At the Pembroke Pines Fall Arts and Craft Show Sept 27-28 so if you are in the area Ch...Ch...Ch...Check us out!
Julie B)


natasha said...

Found your blog through Fest. Good luck with your show!

Peter B said...

Good luck you two! I know you will do well.. just keep your chin up!