Friday, September 26, 2008

Ted the Thread and Ms. Stitch

I am in love with Yummy Pancake. I wish i could crochet like that. I some how allways end up with a 3 armed sweaters.

We recently ordered and received the crochet sewing machinefrom Yummy Pancake. We got for our daughter. It is soooo cute. She is in love with it. As you can see she is having a great time "making" things with it. She stands infront of our TV and pretends to have her very own show "making craps". Its great watching her, she soaks up everything she sees. Shes my mini Martha.

More updates soon. Please check out Yummy Pancake.


candeelady/quirkydolls said...

"making craps" Tooo Funny! Although we've all had our crafts that turned out to be Crap!
She's adorable!