Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I heart fabric...

My sister will be in New York next month for work. She will be staying a few days extra to spend time with our brother and do some shopping (insert baby like jealous cry here). Well she will be doing a little fabric shopping while there. I sent her on a mission for some "Kawaii" or Japanese Fabric. I absolutely love them. I love cute, and I am really surprised that I haven't been able to find anyone in Miami that sells them. The closest I have seen is some Hello Kitty print. Ugh, so I have sent her on her search. Here are some you can get online… come drool with me!

Ballet Girls Fabric and Wizard of Oz  @ pinkchalkfabrics.com


Beautiful works at Etsy! They offer all kinds of great stuff besides just fabric… clay kits, clay molds, Stickers, Crafting books and more!

Alice in Wonderland Print                                                                                  Bunny Cosmetic Print

Lovely Dolls Print                                                                                              Hello Kitty Print

Frances ;o)