Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ball Catchers

What a great way to recycle milk jug or detergent bottles. You can turn them into ball catcher for young kids just learning how to catch. . Here is the link… and the instructions…

What you'll need:
· 2 plastic milk cartons or laundry detergent bottles
· Sharp scissors
· Colored electrical tape or "Painters" paint markers
· Ball to play with

How to make it:
1. Wash and let dry the milk cartons well before starting. Note: It may be easier to cut the bottom off of the containers first.
2. Use the sharp scissors to cut the milk carton or detergent bottle. First cut off the bottom, then cut a U shape under the handle. Make sure you don't cut into the handle so you can hold on the ball catch. (see photo)
3. Use the colored electrical tape or "Painters" paint markers to decorate the milk cartons.
4. Have fun playing catch and toss with these fun toys.

Frances ;o)